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Motoparking - height 1,50 metres / payload 350 kg

Motoparking is especially designed for lifting motorcycles or scooters inside a box and parking a car under it, saving parking space.

Motoparking doesn't require to be fixed to the floor or leaned to the wall: its base provides enough stability. Anyway, the column can be fixed to the wall, for a greater stability, through suitable holes.

The product is made in Italy by our company and meets the requirements of the european directives 2006/42/CE.

Parking a car under a motorbike:

Motorbike lifted and car parked
Parking a motorbike under a motorbike:

Motorbikes overlapped

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Platform empty and lifted

The platform can be lifted even without a motorbike, in order to park a car. The base width is lower than the car's track, so that the vehicle can pass.

Platform down, keypad

The platform can be lowered to the ground in a few seconds. The key lock emergency button allows to secure the lift against unauthorized use.

Platform opened

After unlocking, the platform opens, sliding on 6 PVC wheels.

Motorbike loaded, ramp

A little ramp, provided with the lift, allows to easily overcome the 6 cm gap between the floor and the platform.

Fastening the motorbike

In order to fasten the motorbike, the platform comes with suitable hooks. Centerstands or kickstands may be used.

Platform closed, closing switch

The picture shows the platform closed and locked; the limit switch avoids any operations until the platform is completely closed.

Safety brake in case of rope failure

The lift is equipped with a safety brake which stops the platform in case of rope failure.

Second brake when the platform is lifted

When the motorbike is lifted, a second brake may be activated. The load is now double-secured.

Parking car and motorbike

It's now possible to park the car under the platform without worries.

Feet and cables safety zone

During the descent, the platform stops before reaching the floor. An acoustic signal warns the user for feet safety zone.

Assembly kit
Motoparking comes in assembly kit; in a few minutes is ready to work in your box!

Motoparking technical features:
Description Value
Payload 350 kg
Height (floor - lower edge of the platform) 1,50 m
Platform size (lenght x width) 1,97 x 0,74 m
Column size (edge x edge x height) 0,15 x 0,15 x 2 m
Minimum width of the box 2,14 m
Electric power 220 V - 50 Hz
Maximum power consumption 780 W
Platform rise time 17 s
Platform speed 5,3 m/min
Total weight 155 kg

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