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Mobilift 250 Modular - from 2.5 up to 20.75 meters / load capacity 250 kg

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Mobilift 250 - General view

Loading platform extensions are closed

Mobilift 250 is a modular lift designed to solve the problem of moving even bulky furniture in and out of upstairs floors with narrow accesses.

A unique design and special construction make of this equipment your great tiny work pair. Easy to use, heavy duty, fast and noiseless are just some of its unique wonderful features!

The main advantages of this unit are: 250 kg rated load assured by all main parts made out of aluminum 7000 series, easy and fast mounting, high platform speed and unique reliability in performance.

Mobilift 250 is the new lift generation, the perfect lifting system adding function and reliability to the earlier models.

Mobilift 250, designed in accordance with European Directive no. EC/98/37, this unit is entirely developed and manufactured by Scala Reale with special concern for operators? safety.

Whenever sufficient space is available on site, the lift may be flat mounted on ground and raised up after mounting. Alternatively it is possible to perform vertical mounting by means of the optional electric hoist and ropes.

With Mobilift 250 assembling the lift, mounting the electric motor, performing required electrical connections, fitting platform and telescopic stay in place are no longer a time rubbing and difficult task.

All up/down and safety buttons are integrated on a control panel on ground and one more on the lift top.
The operator may select between 3 different platform speeds by means of suitable switches on the main electric board and on the push-buttons panels. Progressive platform start and stop are controlled by an integrated electronics assuring absolute load safety.


Watch the video of Mobilift 250:

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Electric motor with wheels

The electric motor is equipped with own wheels so that no lifting is required for mounting operations. Fixation of the electric motor to the base is assured by one single locking pin. The frame, the motor and the reduction gear are made out of aluminum.

Loading platform support

The loading platform support is made out of stainless steel and is quickly and easily coupled to the platform by means of 2 locking pins. Leveling of the platform is accurately performed by means of telescopic channels.

Loading platform details

The work platform is turning and fitting into window dimensions. Sliding is performed by means of special guides on the support. All 3 loading platform extensions are removable and suitable for either horizontal or vertical setting.
Platform dimensions: folded 1230x830mm; extended: 1990x1210mm; loading platform extensions height 380 mm.

Base element

Mobilift 250 is additionally featuring special adjustable feet to assure perfect stability on all ground conditions, transparent casing to check for proper rope winding, adjustable upper and lower stroke stops, wheeled electric motor, double up and down stroke stop for progressive start and stop.

Telescopic stay locking system

The telescopic stay is entirely made of aluminum and consisting of 3 extendable sections up to 7.5 m. A special locking system assures easy and safe standing on ground.

Strong elements

All ladder elements are made of aluminum 7000 series designed for very light structures with maximum load capacity of 250 kg.

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