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Magica 2000 Trailer - 17.4 or 20.5 meters / Load capacity 200 kg

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Magica Trailer - General view

Magica 2000 Trailer was designed to meet with most handling requirements. The system is very quickly stowed in place and ready for use in a few minutes.

The trailer fits into the class of "light" trailers (up to 750kg) and may be driven by regular car license holders. The trailer has got a retractable drawbar fitting back into the vehicle profile after putting the lift in place so that less parking space is required.

Magica 2000 Trailer is available in 17.4 and 20.5m versions both featuring 200kg capacity. All operations are electrically controlled.

Very high quality standards, top technical reliability over several production years, as well as a strong and easy construction, make this unit an ideal system for moving furniture in and out of elevated floor apartments.

Designed in accordance with European Directive no. EC/98/37, this unit is entirely developed and manufactured by Scala Reale with special concern for operators safety.

Lateral prospect

Reduced weight, size and dimensions of the lift assure easier maneuvering of the vehicle and greater driver safety.

Rear prospect

The trailer was designed in compliance with the European Directives and the highest European requirements for road travel.

The drawbar can be pulled back

Once the lift is in place the drawbar can be pulled back to fit into a smaller parking place.

Top view

Magica 2000 is finely finished with an aluminum anti-slip frame protecting the lift chassis.

General view

All telescopic sliding sections are made out of aluminum EN AW-7020 assuring 200 kg rated load.
All operations are performed electrically and controlled on a push-button panel; on the top of the lift a push button for down and stop operations is available.

Loading platform

The loading platform may be rotated to fit into the windows or balcony size. A platform extension makes loading and unloading easier.
All 3 platform extensions are removable and suitable for either horizontal or vertical setting.
Platform dimensions: folded 1230x830mm; extended: 1990x1210mm; platform extensions height 380mm.

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